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Its okay to admit you might be feeling a little overwhelmed if this is your first time planning a group excursion. It can seem like a huge task to put together a trip a on bus rental Virginia that will be comfortable, make sure all the riders have a good time and also have a reliable driver. Fortunately, those are just a few of the things our company does best.

We know that anyone can get you bus rental Virginia. However you want your group to travel in safety in and style and that's the difference in our rental tour bus company and the rest. We service the entire USA and we can literally get you a bus rental that can get your group to any destination from any state like Virginia to small cities and towns. If you need to get a group of people to a destination, our company can create a rental tour bus trip to get you there.

Things to do in Virginia are great in number, including fantastic historical exhibits, Virginia festivals, great shopping, incredible outdoor activities for people of all abilities, as well as the many Virginia tourist attractions such as the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cape Henry Lighthouse, The White House of the Confederacy, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and more. Tourism Virginia is chalk full of fun things to do in Virginia for the whole family.

Virginia Festivals are one of the biggest Virginia tourist attractions and also one of the best things to do in Virginia. Every year, tourism in Virginia hosts a major arts festival with venues throughout a 50-mile region, extending from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach. Historic Virginia tourist attractions are also a major draw for tourism Virginia and include many things to do in Virginia such as educational exhibits like the ones offered at The Virginia Historical Society. You may also want to visit Colonial Williamsburg and see re-enactors live as colonials did in a town constructed to look like colonial times. Visit Busch Gardens, also in Williamsburg, a Virginia tourist attractions must-see for the younger crowd, and you can spend all day riding roller coasters and seeing hilarious live shows.

Our charter buses are fully equipped with high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players. So as you can see these are just a few of the many reasons to travel with a bus rental Virginia. So if you're ready to book with a bus rental, Virginia is a great destination. Traveling with a bus rental Virginia can make all this possible and more. So if you need to get a group of people to Virginia or anywhere in the country, book with a bus rental and speak with one of our trained representatives.

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Nov 14, 2013 - The Plantation Home of the First President at Mount Vernon

Have you ever wanted to visit a place where the first president, George Washington used to live? You can have the chance now by visiting the Washington’s plantation estate in Mount Vernon located in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Situated on the banks of Potomac River, the mansion on the estate is a grandiose building made out of wood in a loose Palladian style. Constructed from 1757 to 1778, the mansion was built in stages by George Washington himself. Before it was known as Mount Vernon, this estate was called Little Hunting Creek Plantation. The main house in this estate is flanked by advancing, single-story secondary wings that creates a cour d’honneur. These secondary wings housed servants on the northern side while at the southern side was the kitchen.

Although the houses at Mount Vernon estate declined after a few succession of ownership, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association restored and saved it from ruin. The rooms have mostly been restored to the same appearance as when George and Martha Washington was living there. These rooms include Washington's study, the West Parlour, the Front Parlour, the kitchen, some bedrooms and two dining rooms. The interior has similar design as the classical exterior of the house. If you would to visit the estate, you would be able to visit Washington’s study where he spent much of his time, using it as a combined bathroom, dressing room and office.

On the estate grounds, you will see many English boxwoods in the gardens. There is a carriage road at the main homestead area with a large bowling green right in the center. On each side of the bowling green lies a garden surrounded by a red brick wall, which are known as the Colonial Revival Gardens where fruits, vegetables and other perishable items were grown to feed the household. There is also an upper garden, a botanical garden, and a museum dedicated to the life and death of George Washington. On the grounds at the lower garden, is where the storehouse, clerk’s quarters, smokehouse, laundry yard, wash house and coach house located. There is also a stable and paddock in the estate, and you can visit the old and new tombs of George Washington and his wife.

There is so much more to see at Mount Vernon. From livestock to pioneer farms, the wharf and Potomac River, Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill, and much more. For some souvenirs, don’t forget to stop by the many shops at Mount Vernon where you can buy unique gifts, reproductions of Mount Vernon treasures as well as guidebooks and the like.


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